Suphachadiwong has been long focused on the orchid production. Our high quality produces have been achieved from the very scratch through our innovative production methods and our unique breeding selection process.

We put efforts not only to the process of growing and creating our own young plants but also to the techniques of nursing our plants to the full grown finished product.


Founded in1982 by mr.thumrong and his wife ,ms Heike suphachadiwong. The company simply originated by their love of plants and especially their special passion for orchids. Recently, their sons , mr.meechai and mr.prasong suphachadiwong , joined the team to continuously expand the business and to explore the unlimited possibilities in the field, result in the achievements of various unique high quality products. Furthermore, we are exploring a new possibility of the ornamental plants section.


Thanks to the suitable environment  of thailand and the relatively high craftsmanship skills of thai workers. Today our head quarter office , production laboratory facilities, nursery facilities are located in several parts of thailand with a full team of 400 thai employees.

Our Service

We're providing full micro propagation service to fully g young plants and provide our carefully select variety collection for you to choose. please let us know what type, kind, stage of the plant do you want to have then we will send you a sample to you then you can choose and decide, if you have an interest to be exclusively have our product in your country Please contact us to get further information.

" Every plant we select carefully to achieve the best "